We just needed a professional, and that is what we got!

When does a man–whom your friend introduces to you via a social encounter–become your most respected and trusted business advisor? When does the prince really turn out to save the day? When do elephants fly? Usually…never. It did happen to me.

Scott Lynch, my real estate agent and business advisor, has proved his depth as person beyond the man in a handsome suit, as he lives integrity, focusses on the client’s well-being, possesses a wealth of factual and well-reasoned knowledge, and knows how to handle difficult situations as they arise.

When my wife and I first met Scott, he didn’t try to sell us, he made every effort to get to know us, while confirming what we knew well about selling a home and guiding us when we clearly ignorant or off base. Through just one meeting we already felt that Scott was the professional who really was just that and personal to the right degree.

Imagine the time that you or someone else blew dandelion seeds. Would you ever think it possible to catch or control all of the flying seeds? Not in a million years. Yet what if the sale of your very nice and super-fixed-up house unearthed so many unexpected complications and unknown variables–and brought into your life difficult and deceitful buyers and loan officers? Like wild seeds and dust in the wind–impossible to predict and control. However, not only did Scott allay every one of our fears and anxieties, he knew exactly when to stand his ground, let loose the reins, figure out a different approach, outsmart the other side, or exactly when to remain calm, letting storms subside. We felt more than taken care of, as we were in awe.

Like calmly managing a baseball team, Scott knows when and how to deal with people as well as how to do the same with situations, for it takes a knowledgeable, perceptive and flexible mind and will to lead people and a business situation that requires more than just pushing a button. It takes the right man or woman; it takes a Scott Lynch.

At the beginning of it all, my wife and I thought that we would sell our completely redone, Irvine home quickly and without a hitch. The truth is this: We would never have sold our house had Scott Lynch not come into our lives. We not only wanted to list the house for too much, but we also were not ready for the realities of the business and real estate world. Even though Scott had to teach us much and had to work very hard, he persevered without any signs of wear; in fact, he always calmed our anxieties! We just needed a professional, and that is what we got!

Oh–by the way–Scott still managed to sell the house for a record price!